The Best Colors for Your Home Office


Working from home is more popular than ever, with about a 4% increase in telecommuting every year in the US. According to Forbes, one in five Americans have a home office now and one in three Americans are freelancers of some kind.

Telecommuters know employers expect more efficiency from them… And if you work for yourself, you know you’d better produce!

Telecommuters and freelancers need a quiet space, where they’ll feel focused and energized to meet those deadlines. Research has shown that there are actually wall colors that can help us gain that mental clarity and energy.

Check out this article on A Life of Productivity. In it, color psychologist (that’s a thing!) Angela Wright first notes that the higher the saturation (intensity of color), the more stimulating the color will be.

She goes on to explain how different colors stimulate different aspects of us. Blues stimulate the mind, yellow emotions, red the physical body, and green tends to stimulate a balance of these aspects.

deep, rich color applied expertly

The article also discusses which colors tend to work for which professions. An accountant, for instance, might want to go with an intense blue to energize their mind.

And the home office is just the beginning. Maybe a bright red is the right color for that gym you’re setting up in the basement, or a rich yellow is right for the music room.

More and more people, from the productivity gurus to pediatricians, are paying serious attention to the science of color. Let us know when you’re ready to transform the color of your home office or any other room in your house!

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