“Well actually, you don’t need a painter…”

A few years ago, we were called in on an estimate for some exterior paint work. One side of a house was looking pretty terrible, though the rest of the house looked great.

We took a close look and had to say, “Well actually, you don’t need a painter.”

before - mold and damaged paint

before: scary-looking mold!

after - a paint job made to last

after – a simple fix makes a world of difference

The problem was mold (a word no homeowner usually wants to hear!), but in this case it had just grown on the side of the house and hadn’t corrupted the underlying paint or material. The homeowner was prepared to hire us for a several thousand dollar paint project that would take several days. Instead, they only had to deal with a $600 powerwashing job that was done in a day. The problem didn’t resurface, but if it had they would have known exactly how to deal with it.

We believe it’s important to be honest with our customers, even if it means we can’t charge as much. We don’t ever want to take advantage of our customers or potential customers. And we love to work with homeowners who understand and appreciate good value and trustworthiness when they see it!


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