Color Matching Fun. I mean *The* Color Matching Fun.

swirly paint mixingWe’ve talked before about why we love using Benjamin Moore paint. Frequently a client asks us to match a color from another paint company. No Problem, we always say. Our favorite paint store (Hello to our buddies at Ricciardi Brothers in Ardmore!) can get us a perfect match of practically any color from any brand, in those Ben Moore paints we are confident will look and last best in the customer’s home.

Last week, though, a customer asked us to match a Restoration Hardware color that wasn’t in Ricciardi Brothers’ system. Ricciardi Brothers searched their database a few times to be sure. Phone calls here there and everywhere.

Starts to look like we’re going to have to get Restoration Hardware paint after all. But oh look, apparently only one store in the Delaware Valley carries this paint… and oops, they can’t currently make it in the sheen our client wants!

After banging our collective head against the wall for a little while, we notice that unlike most color names, this one is apparently momentous enough to bear the definite article: “The” before its name. The folks at the Ricciardi Brothers store run the search again, this time with the “The” and guess what? It pops right up.

Siiiiigh. After seven years in business, there must be a first time for everything. But hey, now we know… and our customer is happy with *The* exact color she wanted.

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