Powerwashing is Like Brushing Your Teeth

I’ve given in and bought an electric toothbrush. Why? I can’t figure out the perfect brushing balance to keep my teeth and gums clean without worsening my gum recession problems. I changed toothpastes too; did you know there’s a scale of toothpaste abrasiveness called  RDA factor, and high-RDA toothpastes contribute to gum recession?

Powerwashing siding - before and after

Well, it’s May, so naturally my efforts to care for my teeth and gums made me think about… powerwashing.

Mold, rust and pollution are like tartar and plaque on your home. Not only do they make a home look dingy, but can also permanently damage siding, brick pointing, and wood.

But the DIY approach can actually make things worse: Brick glazing and siding are often marred by do-it-yourself powerwashing attempts. Just mixing in some bleach and spraying your house or deck at high pressures can cause damage and often won’t even kill mold at its roots. Handling a rented powerwasher without the proper experience can result in other property damage. But even worse than all of that, people frequently cause themselves severe injury when trying to wrangle a pressure washer on their own.

So, you don’t want to brush violently with those harsh toothpastes. You want steady, firm pressure and chemicals that will remove the grime without damaging your home’s substrate (uh, gums?).

Think of Freedom as a really nice electric toothbrush with a lovely dollop of non-abrasive toothpaste on it. (We are changing our logo soon, but no, that won’t be it.) Our low-pressure equipment, soft-wash techniques, and more environmentally friendly detergent solutions safely remove grime and mold (or old, chipping paint) without harming the underlying surface.

We generally recommend that we powerwash our customers’ vertical exterior surfaces at least once every six years, and horizontal ones every three yeras. Some may choose to do it more often, since it’s a surprisingly cost-effective way to keep your home looking as good as it deserves to look, and to protect it from damage. (And if you have trees or woods near your house, your home may need more frequent cleanings.)

I resisted the electric toothbrush for a while because of the cost, but if it can keep my gums healthier for longer, it’s an investment… Just like properly powerwashing your house.

And of course, we can pressure wash and re-stain your deck too; many of our customers choose to do this every year, since wood decks receive such a beating over the winters in our climate. If you’re planning to entertain (or just lounge around!) on your deck this summer, or if your home is due for a good hygienic cleaning, drop us a line via the form on the right!

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