Cabinet Painting that Lasts

smooth, luminous kitchen trim paint
The average American kitchen today has about 30 linear feet of cabinets, and they’re usually made of wood. Those cabinets need durable, glossy (read: easy to clean) hard enamel paint. Painting cabinets can completely transform a dingy old kitchen into a bright, inviting space. The same goes for another room that gets a lot of abuse: The mudroom. We recommend the same process and paint for mudroom cabinets or lockers as we do for kitchen cabinetry. It used to be that the smelly, long-dr...

Exterior Painting Season is coming!

gorgeous and durable exterior painting
Spring is just a few days away (yippie!), and if you're one of the many homeowners now considering painting the exterior of your home, here’s some info on what’s needed for a great exterior paint job. Any high-quality paint project needs a lot of careful attention on the prep work. But for an exterior job, prep is even more important. If moisture gets in a spot that should be caulked, paint can fail. If a little paint chips off and moisture has access to the siding, a larger area of paint can...

Reviving Old Trim

"I was very happy with the job and overall experience. I will definitely use them again!"
Trim work, from basic baseboards to ornate crown moulding or chair rail, subtly effects the mood of any room and can transform a simple rectangle room into a special space. But even the classiest trim in older buildings often looks bad, because painters frequently just give existing trim paint a quick sanding, then slap a couple of coats of paint on top. In older homes, trim can have layer upon layer of old paint - some chipping, some peeling, most beat up after years of use. In one ot...

A Dirty Word

EPA certified lead-safe firm
Lead. Until it was outlawed in the US in 1978, lead-based paint was frequently used in homes and businesses. Exposure to lead-based paint has been shown to cause problems in growth and development, physical and intellectual, in young children. In homes built before 1978 it may be painted over or covered up, but it’s often still there. When a painter prepares a job, they need to sand or strip existing paint, and often this process kicks up old lead paint dust and chips. Federal law mandates...