The Process

Orchestrating a Superb Paint Project

You should feel great about your home after we’ve done our job. But it’s also important to us that you feel as comfortable as possible while we’re working. Our customers love the end result, sure, but they also rave about how we get there!

careful plastic covering of all surfaces and items

careful plastic covering of all surfaces and items

We always:

  • come in person for every job estimate, large or small (estimates are always free)
  • give you a clear, detailed, customized quote (usually within hours or even right on site)
  • are punctual for jobs
  • are responsive to questions
  • maintain orderly work sites
  • meet our deadlines
  • are flexible with scheduling
  • deliver consistently excellent results!

“The Freedom Painters team did everything they said they would do, and with superior service, quality and efficiency. Communications were open, and the plans for the job were thoroughly discussed so that each of us knew what to expect.”
-J.M. Royersford, PA

Getting Started

We respond quickly to all requests for estimates. We’ll set up something that works with your schedule and come in person for the free estimate.

careful preparation to install the custom built-ins

preparation to install custom built-ins

A lot of painters will just rush in, look around, and promise you a quote in a few days. We’ll spend time with you, answer your questions, take detailed measurements, and explain what goes into making our quote. When possible we’ll run the numbers right away and print or email you a detailed quote there and then. For more complex jobs, we’ll be sure to get you your estimate within a few business hours. The estimate will list all the steps we’ll perform and break down your job room by room.

Before we start working, we’ll send you a contract so you know exactly what to expect from us. We’ll also send you a form where you can write your choices for paint colors and sheens, to make sure there’s no confusion.

If you need to make changes or add something to your job, we’ll confirm any change orders in writing so everyone knows exactly what’s expected.


If you need to get something done in a certain amount of time, or if unforseen events disrupt the scheduling plans we’ve made with you, we will do all we can to make it happen when you need it, as long as it doesn’t throw other jobs of schedule.


careful protection of all surfaces, including cardboard and paper on tile and countertops

protection of all surfaces, including cardboard and paper on tile and countertops

We cover all surfaces when we work. Carpets and stairs get dropcloths. Furniture and handrails are covered in plastic, floor to floor. Hardwood or tile floors and surfaces are covered in paper and/or cardboard, since dropcloths on these surfaces come away from the wall as you walk on them. For exterior powerwashing we use special porous dropcloths, which allow for drainage but keep old paint chips off your landscaping.

We use dustless sanding techniques when sanding spackle. Our sander is attached directly to a HEPA vacuum, so all that spackle dust goes straight to our shop vac instead of into your air. Otherwise, this dust settles very slowly, so with a painter who doesn’t take this special step, you could actually clean one day and then find a new fine layer of spackle dust on everything again the next day!

The site is thoroughly cleaned at the end of the job. We clean the rooms we’re working on at the end of each day and put furniture back, unless an individual room takes more than one day to paint, in which case we’ll communicate with you to make sure we can leave it set up for painting and start first thing the next day.

High quality work

custom raised-panel wainscoting contrasting with rich, warm colors

custom raised-panel wainscoting contrasting with rich, warm colors

We sand all surfaces before painting to ensure proper adhesion. We scrape all loose paint, oil prime where needed (for instance, after wallpaper removal or if there is loose paint on plaster ceilings or walls), and we use extremely durable and elegant paints from Benjamin Moore.

Our “cut-in” lines are straight and you will not see paint drips or runs. Walls will be smooth, since we spackle all imperfections before painting and use mesh tape on any plaster cracks to prevent cracks from reappearing too soon.

We sand trim in between coats with fine grit sandpaper and then dust it off with tack cloth for unmatched smoothness on trim.

We remove all electric plates, doorknobs and similar fixtures before painting. And on your walls and trim, we apply two full, beautiful coats, every time.

Final Walkthroughs

Many painters will tell you they’re done and walk off the job with check in hand… and then not respond when you discover that something didn’t get done right.

With us, you don’t have to worry about managing the end result, and you won’t have to chase us down with a punch list. When the painters are done, our owner Justice Weingart will inspect the whole job carefully and make sure touchups are completed and the site is fully clean. Then he’ll walk through the whole thing again with you and fix anything that remains before we submit the final invoice.