Cabinet Painting that Lasts

smooth, luminous kitchen trim paint
The average American kitchen today has about 30 linear feet of cabinets, and they’re usually made of wood. Those cabinets need durable, glossy (read: easy to clean) hard enamel paint. Painting cabinets can completely transform a dingy old kitchen into a bright, inviting space. The same goes for another room that gets a lot of abuse: The mudroom. We recommend the same process and paint for mudroom cabinets or lockers as we do for kitchen cabinetry. It used to be that the smelly, long-dr...

Choosing Paint Colors for Energy Efficiency

luminous stain
Paint colors can have a huge impact on the energy efficiency of our homes. It's more and more common these days to use white or reflective roof coatings to keep buildings cooler in summer, since a black tar roof will absorb heat rather than reflect it outward. The same basic principle goes for exterior painting: Lighter, more reflective colors will help buildings stay a little cooler during those long sunlit summer days. But even interior color choices can affect energy efficiency. The al...

The Best Colors for Your Home Office

color wheel
Working from home is more popular than ever, with about a 4% increase in telecommuting every year in the US. According to Forbes, one in five Americans have a home office now and one in three Americans are freelancers of some kind. Telecommuters know employers expect more efficiency from them... And if you work for yourself, you know you’d better produce! Telecommuters and freelancers need a quiet space, where they’ll feel focused and energized to meet those deadlines. Research has sho...