Powerwashing is Like Brushing Your Teeth

Powerwashing siding - before and after
I've given in and bought an electric toothbrush. Why? I can’t figure out the perfect brushing balance to keep my teeth and gums clean without worsening my gum recession problems. I changed toothpastes too; did you know there’s a scale of toothpaste abrasiveness called  RDA factor, and high-RDA toothpastes contribute to gum recession? Well, it’s May, so naturally my efforts to care for my teeth and gums made me think about... powerwashing. Mold, rust and pollution are like tartar and pl...

“Well actually, you don’t need a painter…”

before - mold and damaged paint
A few years ago, we were called in on an estimate for some exterior paint work. One side of a house was looking pretty terrible, though the rest of the house looked great. We took a close look and had to say, "Well actually, you don't need a painter." The problem was mold (a word no homeowner usually wants to hear!), but in this case it had just grown on the side of the house and hadn't corrupted the underlying paint or material. The homeowner was prepared to hire us for a several ...