The Long Summer

Why no blog posts since July 6th? Summer is our busiest time of year and according to our level of busy-ness, “Summer” this year is apparently going to last well into November. Which has left little time for blogging!

At work

Jose, who started 18 months ago as a helper and who is now a highly skilled painter!

In this very busy year, we’ve grown from four full-time employees to six. It has been exciting to see a young man we hired in April 2014 as an apprentice and helper, mature into an expert painter in his own right. He’s now helping to teach our two new apprentices. We’ve also brought on another full-time painter with 17 years experience under his belt.

We feel it’s important to grow with care. As you can probably tell from our Testimonials page, we’re more interested in doing a few jobs extremely well, than in just banging out as many jobs as possible. We want to make sure that every customer feels more comfortable and confident in their home when we’re done our work, whether the job is a whole house painting project or a half-day drywall patch.

Similarly, we’re more interested in bringing on a handful of vigilant, detail-oriented painters to work with us than in getting in a bunch of mediocre workers to rush through a job. It’s a joy to find and keep a few experienced craftsmen. And it’s a delightful challenge to cultivate new painters who are serious about learning to paint to our standards.

Incidentally, our literal family is growing too: Freedom’s owner and founder, Justice Weingart, and his wife (me, Alanna Weingart) are expecting our third son in March!

We remain very busy this… uh, Summer. So if you’re ready to start a project soon, contact us right away! We look forward to growing with you!

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