Paint colors like “Burble Simp,” courtesy of artificial intelligence

Paint companies come up with some pretty great colors — and they work hard to find alluring names for their colors. Or at least interesting names… In late 2016 we worked with Farrow & Ball’s “Dead Salmon,” for instance.

But recent experiments with artificial intelligence resulted in a bevy of ideas for new colors and non-sequitur names that you probably will NOT be finding in your local paint store anytime soon. Such as:

Part 1 of the experiment didn’t go so well, but when the neural net was provided more data in Part 2, it actually came up with some half decent colors and names.

But Part 2 also rendered my personal favorite terrible names:

It’s a fascinating read if you’re into AI and neural nets… and if you’re not, it should still give you a laugh. “Stanky Bean!”

For now, we’d recommend sticking to the colors that human designers have thought up. But if you really want us to try any of these colors on your home, let us know. We’ll see what the folks at our favorite paint store can do for you…

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